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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Third Draft of the Declaration

Global warming is the crisis of our time.

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, we renew our commitment to the qualities and values that have guided our nation for more than 200 years.

Today, we recognize that patriotism is not only about love of country. It is also about a shared commitment to the welfare of our planet.

Future generations will judge us based on our success or failure to be good stewards of the Earth. We owe our children and our children’s children nothing less than our very best effort.

We the undersigned, pledge to:

  • Recognize that we live in a time of crisis. We must be active and forceful in bringing about the necessary changes -- based on science, not politics -- to stop global warming, no matter how difficult that may be.
  • Be active citizens, by pressing our elected officials to take urgent action now, and by pressing all candidates for office to commit to passing strong legislation to cut America's global warming pollution.
  • Spread the word, by making sure our friends, neighbors and loved ones recognize that each of us has a role to play in meeting this all-important challenge.
  • Be mindful consumers, by minimizing our personal global warming “footprint" and weighing our personal choices against the needs and rights of future generations.

This nation's founders risked everything to realize a new relationship between government and the governed. We must now do whatever is necessary to realize a new relationship with the web of life that includes and sustains us.


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rexy420 said...

ignorance is part of the script of our demise. as a psychology student I have learned about the theory of human behavior. it describes how we as humans, instead of acting based on what we believe, we tend to believe things based on our behavior. it is a form of behavioral justification. in other words, if one is for example a drug user, its not that they're using drugs becuase they always believed drugs werent bad or a problem, they probably are believing that drugs are not a problem now, that they arent bad, because they have become a user. So for example one who is irresponsible in their actions towards the environment (i.e. driving a hummer cuz they think it's cool, or not making the effort to recycle anything) these are the people that are claiming "we would be arrogant to assume humans have the power to affect the earth, the earth will always clean itself up and all the typical crap" but theyve really just convinced themselves of this in order to justify their irresponsible selfish acts. It is this kind of ignorance that we must fight to destroy. we need to show people that its not dorky to ride your bike to work, or to the bar, or anywhere for that matter, its cool because its the right thing to do. Just because you live in Florida, and EVERYONE else is saying it, AC should NOT EVER be your best friend. Fighting ignorance is our first step in saving the world. Becuase like it or not, ignorance will prevail if its widespread and rich enough. And its not about politics or which candidate supports what bill (though we know which side we probably support if we care for the environment... not ALL Democrats say what they mean or mean what they say) We must stop confusing this scientifically confirmed approaching worldwide catastrophe with the political rhetoric we are so used to. It is supported by the researchers, at whatever pace it is approaching, maybe faster, maybe slower than predicted, the only way to stop it is one person at a time.

Anonymous said...

“We have to go for what we think we're fully capable of, not limit ourselves by what we've
been in the past."

Vivek Paul (1959 - )
Indian businessman,
ranks among Barron's Most Respected CEOs

David Luxem said...

We can not expect to solve the problems of the day using the same methods that created the problems in the first place.

mothernaturecrusaders said...

We the children of Planet Earth now vow to love, honor, & respect our Mother Earth & Father Creation. We the People vested with the responsibility of caring for our environment, our homes, our communities, our children's future will now do so. No longer will we be decieved by false marketing, but rather understand the nature of the beast. As to tame it by using the nature of where there is a will, there is a way, & necessity is the mother of all creation. To each toxic poison used, is a healthy alternative that takes more time & effort to produce. Let us now choose these products that embrace all that is good. Reward those who choose the collective happiness over the short sided bottom line. Pollution is poison. Poison accumulates over lifetimes and generations. Awareness brings true freedom and happiness by allowing the masses to understand, for the first time in history, that these poisons are also responsible for the downfall of mankind. Let the relization wash over us and touch everyone we know with the goodness this awareness brings about. By knowing & making these positive changes we not only heal ourselves of our own afflictions, but its goodness spreads like a wildfire to everything and everyone we touch. By choosing only non toxic products the market is moved, changed forever. May we lift the veil of marketing which has covered our forefathers eyes from knowing or seeing the harm done. Now we go forth and cause no harm to anyone, especially not the hand(Mother Earth) that feeds us. The win-win is all I choose. My march will be seen and heard. Others will follow until the masses have risen up once again through awareness and community. We tell our friends, family,& community, leaving our greed riden lost souls, the ones who had been poisoned the most, to have no choice but to join us or be left behind. They will follow along in time as their great motivator, money, has demanded they be only non-toxic, or bear no fruit for themselves, and surely be lost in time like the buggy whip. Now is the day and every day here after to choose life and all that sustains it. Not one more penny to poison. All I have, and all I am, supports the health, wealth, & happiness of this Earth and all who dwell here. Have no fear, pioneers are well ahead of you. All that you need has already been created toxin free and is here. Go get it, spread the word, show the way, and prepare for the better day, it's on the way, Thanks be given to you, and me, and the Father above who always knows the way. It has already begun. We take our own free will, and place it with God's will, and so it is done. Today's product standard is now bring no harm to anyone. Any amount of Poison noted & shunned. All great things take effort. We embrace whatever work necessary to create a life without poison.Easy is rarely better. Easy is temptation incarnate. Easy has been the pasts way of cheating the future. We support whatever it takes to make our products & that we consume without poison.
\\ Neuro toxins in the pollution cause short sidedness, egocentricity, sensory overloads, and anxiety for those immediate neeeds to be met. It is responsible for perpetuating it's own condition. Created the mental condition of those who are most responsible for this negative destruction at hand.((Consuming the most Lead etc... for the longest time)) Neurotic behavior is caused by neuro toxins(Alluminum,Antimony,Lead, Mercury, etc.) Awareness of this, empowers all who are under it's spell. Proper motivation comes from understanding, then the choices are made more easily. Where as knowing big business has made it an art form,(for over a century,if not throughout all time) to make poison in small amounts acceptable.(( For example industry has taken a known neuro toxin such as antimony, guaranteed to cause brain damage, just a matter of how much, and sell it to the new mother of an innocent baby. Call it "made fire-resistant for your safety" instead so that the marketing fools the naive. This is supposedly telling the layman that this is poisonous. In fact the same misunderstanding that poison is safe in small amounts enabled this industry to lobby to have it's name changed from fire RETARDand to fire resistant so that the word retard was not attatched to it's known neuro toxin. This is why we are supposed to use an extra cover on the babies mattresses "for added safety", rather than say prevent S.I.D.S.)) Injecting people under 150 lbs. with Ethyl Mercury and call it thimerasol,or alluminum etc., etc... Marketing has had our past generations fooled. No one meant for all to be so polluted. Those who knew or feared are long gone. Those who still perpetuate it are poisoned themselves.//
Let's now vow to start the clean up and create no new messes.Forgive the afflicted, help them mend their ways in support of our efforts. That is all, positive unfolds ngative a thousand fold. Love is the greatest power on Earth. Fear not my friends. We are together, we are united, we are the people, and we are now aware and at work at the task at hand. Stand back and watch your great work spread like wildflowers spread across the nation and the world. We Focus on constructive undoing the destructive. It will be more beatiful now than it was a second ago because I am. His will be done.
Love You All, God Bless Us, Tracey Ray

Anonymous said...

everyone LOVES to point fingers when something goes wrong- and they always say "why didn't we do something before this happened?"...well here's the chance to be proactive- save something from happening so we can all laugh about that silly "global warming scare" way back when- instead of living through the misery or what we did to ourselves while we point fingers and argue about who did what. we shouldn't have to NEED change to require and desire is so simple and easy, but people have to get over that it is NOT their right to do whatever they want when it comes to how they live, what they this country, that is a BIG issue...when it affects everyone though, no one is excused...we should step up and lead the way as a country rather than drag our feet- it is truly deplorable.

Carmen Quinones said...

When our Creator made everything
HE gave to the first couple: Adam and Eve a planet in mint condition,
but what a mess at present time!.
Actual generations and future generations deserve respect, deserve to live in peace, in harmony, with love, good health,
then why to change the original
purpose of our Creator!?.

myneekers said...

If we do not take into consideration the amount of trees we are cutting down, the amount of concrete we are pouring on top of the earth that is not only damaging the soil, putting pressure on the ground and my also be holding in heat and the polution we are adding not only to the air but the waters also. There is no hope. All of these things combined are huge factors in global warming.

Anonymous said...

Americans MUST be willing to sacrifice to solve the world's climate crisis. US citizens are responsible for the majority of the greenhouse gas emmissions relative to the rest of the world. Therefore, we must bear the majority of the responsibility to find safe alternative, carbon-neutral sources of energy. This CAN NOT be done without US citizens leading the way.

Shea Alyssa Cummings said...

If we do not face the challenges of today, there will be NO tomorrow to regret our fear and inaction. We will not have to hang our heads in shame when future generations ask why we stood by and did nothing, because there will be NO children, grandchildren, or Earth to resent us and our blind stupidity.

Anonymous said...

One can say to themselves that the earth is our mother. Anyone can relate to needing the food it gives, and the water it recycles. But to know that this is also a philosophical idea is to understand the meaning of this.

The meaning of life, what makes us people, is that we acknowledge what is living. Whether it be nature, plant or animal. The constraints of this definition are endless. With our days depending on the earth (and as those days drawing to a close) how can we possibly hope to say that we once were, if we fail to prevent global ataxia?

John Perykasz said...


Surely one must recognize that the ramifications of global warming are quite will not affect the ecology on a local level which would be a lot easier to manage and allow us to learn from our mistakes or inaction but rather our decisions at this junction could avert or alleve a much more dire scenario which will be played on a global stage

Anonymous said...

i believe that this will be this generation's greatest achievement, that not only will we succeed in saving the planet for human life, but that we will bring the world together to do it. this challenge is a huge opportunity. from this we will learn: many, many folks on one little ball of dirt.

Paul said...

We drive when we could walk. We grow food in monoculture and 'raise' livestock in factory farms. We enslave Chinese children and individuals in the "Third World" to manufacture our clothes and trinkets because it is cheaper. We turn on the TV after a long hard day of half hearted gestures to change the world. We are the problem we are facing and if we do not change nature is going to elliminate us in favor of better things.

Companies will never be any more green than is economically feasable. Governments will never consider anything other than their own self interests. Until the individuals that compose these institutions understand that their own self interest is the same as everyone elses, that ecological and environmental considerations are what make buisness possible, no change will occur. If we are going to make changes in the world we must begin by making changes in ourselves. If these changes are not made our distant ancestors may one day villify us as they reflect on this Native American Prophecy:

When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

Let us not settle for propaganda, greenwashing, and false hope. Let us make change.

Maye ^^ said...

We only have ONE world...lets take care of it.

Jeanette said...

No matter what religion you follow, if you follow one at all, everyone can agree that humans are the most intelligent beings on the planet in respect to intellect and powers of thought, imagination, invention, and logic. This being said, it is our obligation to make sure that we do not use this supreme power that is our intelligence to destroy the world. It is our obligation to protect the world from our race since we are the only beings intelligent enough to throw the world cycle off balance and the only ones that can also choose not to.

Anonymous said...

enforce 'standardisation' in all countries in the matter of recyling such as banning the usage of plastic bag. use paper bags instead. The simply-dump-the-trash system to be replaced with those such as in europe : recyclable item to be sorted out, collected and picked up on scheduled time.

Anonymous said...

The automobile is one of the largest single producer of green house gases and also is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year. The government should reintroduce the 55 mph speed limit, thus saving lives and oil.

Anne said...

I say, call it Declaration of New Matriotism. I've had it with patriarchal aggression. Now this administration wants to make a new and better nuclear bomb. Where wil it end? Will it end us, ALL of us? What our world needs is governments that nurture from the heart, not shoot from the hip. The old good old boy model that takes what it can while it enjoys power, has got to be replaced by leadership that truly is for the people, a caring government that provides safety nets for the disadvantaged and necessary protection like health care and basic needs for all.

Cliff Seigneur said...


In Paonia, Colorado, the United States of America, on Earth;
this twenty-first day of June, 2006.


When, in the course of human events, it becomes apparent that the activities of humankind are causing severe and potentially catastrophic injury to the land, air and water that compose our home - Earth - it becomes necessary to declare humanity’s innate Dependence on the Earth, and demand that governments take immediate action to redress such harmful acts and make elemental changes to prevent further injury. Such declaration requires the causes that impel such demands be set forth.

I hold these truths to be self-evident: that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; that humans are but one life-form amidst the chaotic perfection weaving the web of life that exists on Earth; that should humanity damage the web, life, as it is now known, will cease to exist; that time is of the essence. – That to safeguard these rights and ensure the continuity of Homo sapiens as a viable species, Governments are instituted among People, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. - That when world business practices coalesce with the laws of governments to harm life on Earth, it is the right of people to bring an end to such injurious practices and ineffectual laws, and enact new laws; laws rooting their foundations in principles that will secure the continued vigor of the web of life, and provide for the prolonged existence and welfare of humanity. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that laws long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and, accordingly, all experience hath shown that people are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by modifying the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of environmental abuses, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to overwhelm life on Earth; it is their right, it is their duty, to alter such design and demand new laws to protect the web of life, thus securing sanctuary for the human race. Such has been the patient sufferance of people, and such is now the necessity, which compels them to demand fundamental changes to laws not suited to safeguard the environment. - The history of humanity’s relationship with the Earth is a history of greed and power to take from nature without recompense, all having in direct object the establishment of monetary wealth with little, if any, regard for the sacredness of life.

The world’s current and growing population of over 6,500,000,000 people transcends the Earth’s capacity to absorb our consumptive and polluting behaviors. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world:

I. We are fouling the skies with greenhouse gases that have altered the Earth’s atmosphere, initiating global warming. Such warming is causing planetary climatic change that endangers all life forms.

II. We are polluting the air, water and land in, and around, towns and cities of the world so that the health of humans, flora and fauna is imperiled on a global scale.

III. We are diverting, depleting and polluting the Earth’s fresh water resources so that humans are oft unable to find potable water and, in many locales, water borne flora and fauna struggle to survive.

IV. We are overfishing and polluting the Earth’s oceans, seas, lakes and rivers so that survival of a growing number of aquatic species is threatened.

V. We are endangering and causing the extinction of a wide variety of plant and animal species by disrupting, polluting and destroying their habitats.

VI. We are contaminating productive soils with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides; modifying natural crop species via genetic engineering; and paving over and building upon untold acres of fertile land. Taken together, these practices jeopardize the Earth’s agricultural bounty.

VII. We are cutting vast tracts of natural forests resulting in denuded hillsides that erode in rain showers and, in countless locations, no longer sustain trees that recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen.

VIII. We are mining immense amounts of the Earth’s rich ores and minerals causing pollution to land, air and water.

In summary, we are taking freely from the Earth, irresponsibly using her natural resources with a wanton disregard of the future. We now live in fear of our own unsustainable needs and desires, which gravely injure life on Earth and threaten our ongoing survival.

In every stage of modern human activity causing harm to the web of life, citizens have
petitioned courts for Redress in the most humble terms. These incessant petitions have been met by new and ever-increasing injury to the Earth. Thus, the laws involved are tainted by every act that despoils the environment and are unfit to shield the Earth from harm.

Nor have we been wanting in attention to our governments. We have relentlessly warned them of the daily injuries inflicted upon the Earth and the far-reaching consequences thereof. We have reminded them of our inherent connection to the Earth for everything we have – from air, water, food, clothing and shelter to cell phones, palm pilots, computers, automobiles and atom bombs. We have drawn their attention to our birthright on Earth, and appealed to their intrinsic bonds with nature and religion. They too have been deaf to the voices of reason and action. Hence, I must acquiesce in the necessity, which demands immediate attention to humanity's peril on Earth and hold them, as I hold myself and present-day civilization, Enemies to our continued existence.

I, therefore, a human on Earth, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the Universe for the rectitude of my intentions, do, in the Name, and by the Authority of the good people of the world, solemnly publish and declare: that humans are dependent on the Earth for our survival; that the Earth is in imminent danger of irreparable injury to her life supporting functions; that we have found these functions unique to the Earth in our exploration of the near bounds of space; that now is the time to act firmly, with resolute conviction, to save our home – the Earth. And for support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, I pledge my life, worldly goods and sacred honor.
Cliff Seigneur, Esq. (inspired by President Thomas Jefferson)
Citizen of Colorado’s Western Slope, United States of America
Resident of the Earth

Joined by: ___________________ Signature:: _________________
Address: _____________________________________________

With the Earth enduring ever-increasing environmental harm each ensuing day, it is time to declare our dependence on the Earth. Please joiin me and send a signed copy of the Declaration to the: Secretary General of the United Nations, UN Headquarters, First Avenue at 46th Street, New York, NY 10017; and the President of the United States, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500. Please also send unsigned copies of the Declaration and/or the following web site address to family members, friends and acquaintances. Together, we can save our home - the Earth.

mothernaturecrusaders said...

Missed a couple important and ironically interesting tidbits at the end of the entry. Firstly it's not beautiful without U! Also, it should read "This world is more beautiful than it was a second ago, because I am ONE, his will be done." Meaning you are already in motion with the greater power above. We are all one. This lifts your burden when we realize the big guy upstairs will help push the plow behind you. We are one with it, & it is one with us, as is our Earth & each other. Fear not, just move forward with what your heart already knows to do. Be the politician if you can't find another to do it better. We are the People. Every couple few years everything changes hands, count on it. When the masses are made aware and are educated, the numbers won't let leaders do otherwise. It's all about knowing better, and having someone show you the way. So for every enlightened soul who cares and knows about this mission, choose to lead, do what you already know needs to be done. You'lll hear & see over & over that it all begins with the self. The rest follows naturally. Your work is already successful having you do your part and put out an invitation or two.(( Our housekeeper was convinced that we could not clean & disinfect as well without chemicals. Yet a year later, every product has been equally or better replaced with eco friendly products, doing a better job, more easily, with less expense, and have converted more than half of her other clientel happily. That's five households besides mine we converted by just doing our own part & then a little push. Look at so & so they are already doing it and it works great, you try?!)) I commend all of those who have made entries or are taking the time to read them. You are the beginning of the Wave. Keep up the great work for those model citizens already doing it. Just jump up and start with any baby step, for our friends who don't know as much about doing it, but are interested to watch how. The worst of all our consumers will be excited for their turn to jump up, or look a fool for not. The Wave has already begun, people are just looking around waiting for everyone else to do it first. Don't worry about the others, your bravery and commitment will be infectious. God Bless You All, Go Out and Fight the Good Fight Everybody. This is the greatest life's work you could have chosen. Go out and know that he & we support you.Have Faith and believe you can , and you can!Thank You.XO

Anonymous said...

Hm. So I know, my friends know (but don't care), my elected officials know I know (and don't care) and I'm a mindful consumer (but have no options to choose from).
Sure sign me up! By clicking submit I have made a difference right? Just like cutting up those old 6 pack holders and recyling the junk mail that constantly gets sent to me.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of this, and it's imperative to state what we want, not what we don't want. I have suggested changes below:

>> Recognize that we live in a time of an opportunity to make changes. We must be active and forceful in bringing about the necessary changes - based on science, not politics - to foster a thriving, balanced, healthy planet

>> Be active citizens, by pressing our elected officials to take urgent action now, and by pressing all candidates for office to commit to passing strong legislation that promote zero or low particle and gas emissions from our activities.

>> Spread the word, by making sure our friends, neighbors and loved ones recognize that each of us has a role to play in solving this all-important challenge.

>> Be mindful consumers, by maximizing our personal global cooling "footprint" and weighing our personal choices against the needs and rights of future generations.

Rich Marks said...

I believe we should be focused more on two issues that threated the US. One is our dependence on foreign oil which if not solved leaves this country extremely vulnerable and weak. Second is air quality in our cities. The very people we want to protect are being exposed to poor air quality.
Global Warming is happening, but are humans the cause of it is still being debated. Personally the evidence I have researched does not support the claims. As you declared it should be decided by scientists and not politicians. But it is the politicans that are concluding, by a show of hands, that science says it is so. Science does not work that way. The science has been clouded by politics and that should not be. Just look at poor Galileo who said his observations showed the Earth was not the center of the universe, but it revolved around the sun. He was prisoned for the rest of his life...and he was right! Science is not a democracy, it is science.
I would tread lightly on human caused global warming. It is a no win cause. The earth is warming and no one will be able to stop it and therefore no one can do enough to stop it from happening. But air quality and dependence on oil are real problems that have solutions. We should focus on what we can solve today, not something we can't.

Anonymous said...

Stop eating animals!

Anonymous said...

this is our planet and it is our responsibility to save it.

Anonymous said...

this is our planet and it is our responsibility to save it

Viva said...

According to the report by the UN, methane from factory farming causes more air problems than driving autos and trucks. So try eating one less meal containing MEAT, or become a vegetarian. It has the quickest effect on reversing global warming.

Anonymous said...

I find these word vague and potentially dangerous:

"Recognize that we live in a time of crisis. We must be active and forceful in bringing about the necessary changes - based on science, not politics - to stop global warming, no matter how difficult that may be."

I would sign something that had specific scientific goals of discovery and development of corrective actions. I won't sign something that sounds more like a revolt against reason.


Bette said...

"Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us. -Henry Tikkanen"

John said...

February 27, 1892 Rudolph Diesel files for Russian Patent. By February of 1897, he has refined the project from a theory to a workable revolution of the engine. For the next 23 years the engine is ran primarily on peanut oil and other biomass. In 1920, victimized by the shier mass of oil money fueled by oil power, bio fuels fell from the publics’ conscious existence.

Source for dates:

When will we learn to ignore all the lights and sounds to allow for examination of our real surroundings?
Insane is culture repeating the same plight; is that not what we do?
We have original methods of fueling our mobility; can we stop calling it an alterative?

Rick said...

Let's make it a DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE! That is what the New Patriotism is all about. The American Revolution did not end in 1783. It continued when slavery was ended... then for women's suffrage, and then again for civil rights. It is an ongoing process. Now, the next step is to develop a new relationship with our planet. This is what the wonder and beauty of the American experience has always been. We strive to make the human and life conditions better. Let us again be as John Winthrop said.... “as a city upon a hill” to shine for the rest of the world. Let us move on from a destroyer of our planet to become the stewards we were meant to be. This is why we need a DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE! It is time to journey mature as a species.....

Anonymous said...

We must all realize that the consequences of greed upon the biological system that sustains us is now large enough to threaten our survival. When each one does whatever he can to turn things around, the collective effect may be able to influence the greedy powers that now work against the welfare of us all.

Anonymous said...

I think we need a similar approach to various efforts that could be undertaken as was devised during the FDR years. Create organizations such as the civilian conservation corps, public works, etc, that operate locally in specific ways, to recycle, compost, plant trees and so on. Why not have tax credits for planting trees on one's private or public property as an incentive to plant more trees? Why not have school programs in all schools, urban as well as suburban, that fund vegetable gardens for school lunches, copmost food waste, and recycle all possible discarded materials to develop the habits of recycling?

Mark Tokarczyk said...

Defy hubris and political rhetoric by persistently listening to and speaking one's own truth.

Anonymous said...

We must now do whatever is necessary to realize a new relationship with the web of life that includes and sustains us.

My Buddhist life philosophy teaches that I am responsible, however, there is a theology that resigns our will to a higher power of which has some believing that a destruction of this planet is the plan. This belief is a death wish to all and should be confronted.

Ellen said...

OK - I signed the New Declaration. I noticed a box to check to have one's name and address listed on the map. What map? Where is it?

Thanks for any info.

Anonymous said...

"Global warming isnt so much of a political reason as is a moral reason."
-Al Gore

We can still continue our everyday life, and do it efficiently.
theres so many things that have little impact on us but have a huge impact on the enviorment.
and most of these impacts on us include saving money. less electric, water, gas, and more.
every single peron can make a differnce, a group of people can make a change.

jeremy said...

"Global warming isnt so much of a political reason as is a moral reason."
-Al Gore

We can still continue our everyday life, and do it efficiently.
theres so many things that have little impact on us but have a huge impact on the enviorment.
and most of these impacts on us include saving money. less electric, water, gas, and more.
every single peron can make a differnce, a group of people can make a change.

this is where we live and our only home and we need to cherrish it.
im 14 years old and this is something i'll fight for until there's a differnce. i'v done as much as i can to help, but theres only so much a single person can do. especially someone who's not 18 yet.
tell me what you think on aim.

Anonymous said...

How long before our government chooses a proactive approach to our energy and environmental crisis rather then their usual reactive is a scary future that lies ahead of us if we do not act now.....with our world populations growing at an astronomic rate and our finite resources being abused at an alarming rate the collision course of the planet and our ignorance is not too far off

Ellen K said...

It is written in Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael" that following the convienient premise of, "the world belongs to man" will end in disaster. But, when "man belongs to the world", creation goes on forever.

Anonymous said...

We can no longer consider ourselves a leading nation on this planet unless we lead the way in pulling that planet back from the brink of disaster. It starts at home. Each and every individual has a responsibility to be a green patriot and do what is right for this country...and what is right globally.

mkwrk2 said...

Be ready to adapting the inevitable rather than attempting to change natural: Earth aging of which global warming is a feature is a reality as protocols and conventions are international bureaucracies’ games mostly.

Michael Kerjman

Anonymous said...

We are all ONE! We belong to each other. When we finally learn this we will finally appreciate all life on earth. We will walk simply that other's may simply live. We will honor animals instead of torturing and killing them. For those who do eat meat, it will be done with honor and appreciate. God/dess bless us all no exceptions--not even animals!

Anonymous said...

We are all one And we share the earth! Since God has taught us to SHARE, then we should teach our children too! Lets share it nicely and neatly. STAY GREEN!!!

Anonymous said...

The industrial age we live in requires a heightened awareness of how humanitie's actions will affect the planet upon which we are crucially dependent. We the people recognize that the wellbeing of this and upcoming generations is connected to the wellbeing of this planet. Every breath we take, every drink of water, every nutrient we need to survive comes directly from the earth. Our present and future practices must recocnize this dependence as well as the intrinsic value of the earth's ecosystems and their right to thrive.

Bonnie Johnson said...

Love is wanting to leave your children a planet they can survive on. Nature bats last, why aren't we listening to what it is trying to tell us? How do we get people to support leaders who are intelligent and savvy about our ecosystem? I am truly frightened of what the destiny might be for our species.

Terry Dyck said...

Easy and effective ways to slow down Global Warming; purchase an electric vehicle and drive less, eat less animal source food (this reduces methane gas) and replace your gasoline lawn mower with a push reel lawn mower or an electric mower ( this apllies to all small motors)

Terry Dyck said...

Easy and effective ways to slow down Global Warming are; purchase an electric vehicle and drive less, eat less animal source food and use a push reel lawn mower.

Terry Dyck said...

Easy ways to slow down Global Warming are; purchase an electric car and drive less, eat less animal source food and use a push reel mower instead of a gasoline lawn mower.

Terry Dyck said...

Easy and effective ways to slow down Global Warming are; purchase an electric vehicle and drive less, eat less animal source food and use a push reel lawn mower instead of a gasoline powered lawn mower.

Anonymous said...

We do not own the earth. It is only loaned to us by Creator and it is our duty to care for and nurture what we have. It belongs to ALL of creation and what we do to one part we do to the whole. We cannot continue to disregard what we have already done to destroy ourselves!

whitney_eskew said...

I'm in with the revolution solution and I envision many changes we could take to perform more responsibly as world citizens but I think we can do some major house cleaning in our own little piece of earth. I envision an absence of professional politicians and lawyers. Let's reform things in a major way and return government to the hands of all citizens. Sadly, too many of us sit on our behinds and go with the status quo. Patriots Unite! Knowledge is power! If we do nothing then we have only ourselves to blame and who was it that said something like: Never doubt that a small group of individuals can bring about world change for that is the only way in which it has ever happened. or something like that. It requires engaging ourselves in our communities, states, country and world but what a world we could have!!! Whitney

Ruth said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate in the hard work of putting together this declaration. I CAN'T SIGN IT because of this sentence: "we renew our commitment to the qualities and values that have guided our nation for more than 200 years."

I am all too conscious of the terrible history of the United States regarding slavery, the genocide of Native Americans, and past and ongoing imperialism based on violence. I am not going to "renew my commitment" to those qualities and values, even though they have guided our nation for more than 200 years.

I'm aware that there are some positive values as well. But the declaration's language does not distinguish or name them (except the brief note about the relationship between government and the governed toward the end).

And I know that it's politic to use glowing terms when speaking of our country's past. But I can't and I won't.

Anonymous said...

"patritism" is a word we should examine. "Patri-" means "father" and "patriotism" term means loyalty to the fatherland. As a woman, I find this offensive but beyond this this issue is GLOBAL, not national. Patriotism is a call to nationalism. The German word for nationalist is "Nazi".

Terry said...

Unless more attention is paid to the effect that factory farming is having on global warming, cutting down on carbon emmisions is just not going to be enough. Factory farms use severe confinement of the animals in order to keep their ever growing profits. The waste and run-off produced by these huge farms not only seriously threatens the health of (1) people in the area by polluting the air and water, (2) the health of consumers who eat animals raised under unsanitary conditions with the use of hormones and anti-biotics, but the methane gases produced add tremendously to the greenhouse gases that are threatening the planet.

Congress has been reluctant to go against the gasoline industry, but seems even more reluctant to go against corporations that produce most of the country's food. People should be made to realize how indifferent these companies are to the health and well-being of the people, and also of the planet on which we all live.

Anonymous said...

Vote "non-green" politicians out of office for being uncaring for the welfare of family, friends, and citizens of the world.

paigejeff said...

When the leaders and representatives of our country turn a blind eye to the American peoples plea against global warming they are not only disregarding our cause, they are disregarding us and our voice. When a government starts to ignore the voice and wishes of the supposed people they should be serving then there is a bigger issue at hand. In order to save the future of our planet for our coming generations we must first free ourselves from the shackles of oppression from the political world. If we truly live in a democracy then we must use our power to fight and be heard. We have to put the control of the country back into the people’s hands. Instead of being separated by political views or money we must see ourselves as one nation fighting together. When we finely become on nation again we can then join together to fight against the catastrophic issues of global warming. Remember global warming is not the only issue at stake for us, our freedom and rights are also depleting. Fight back, fight hard, and always speak out. Our freedom is our strongest weapon when it comes to beating global warming.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas posted with the exception of overpopulation. Unless this is tackled, we are lost. Mother Earth will remain, but not humans. Reward zero, or one child families. The more children, the more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Human Beings are also animals but with more brain cells. All animals deserve the same respect and right to enjoy our Earth and Human Being, as the most intelligent of the animals, should be the protectors and gate keepers our Mother Earth.

Johanna Schrader

Larry said...

Having traveled to other countries in Europe, Australia and S. Africa, there is one very noticable thing that other countries do to save fuel.
There are no drive-up windows where people sit in their cars with their engines running.
People need to shut off engines, get out of their cars and walk into and out of a place of business.
Also, most public transit is electric powered and all cabs in Australia are propane powered.

jane said...

We need to make changes know for the future of our childrens and to care for this world just like god care for us. If you see around you every living thing its wounderful and the life too. We are responsible for this, please make a change today.

Anonymous said...

The responsibility for changing the government's policy on global warming lies with each one of us. Unless we speak up and make known to Congress the very real urgency of working to reduce or eliminate the causes of global warming, we have failed future generations. Each one of us has the opportunity to change the status quo by becoming better informed and following through with changes in our daily routines. If we can all work together on this, our planet can be saved.

Anonymous said...

We must realize that we are all one and that the emotion of hate creates a destructive spiritual sort of heat that manifests eventually as global warming I think. Plus the tyranny of dogma in all its forms creates a spiritual sort of global warming that also manifests on the physical level

Caroll Fowler said...

At this time of our world development being a patriot means staying educated about the global issues, making wise and informed decisions that affect our community, country and world, being aware of how our country's actions affect others, taking action as we can, and being aware of how consumerism is negatively affecting our world.

Anonymous said...

The only practical and humane way to end warming is through stabilization or reduction of human population worldwide.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally for making Washington hear that folks want world where we take care of the environment. But the new print ad "says" absolutely nothing. It looks like the LAPTOP is the focus. I hope you havent spent too much of our money on that print ad and that you dont run it much.

It sort of says "laptops are good!"

T Wu said...

About the photos: I understand there's an image of the supposed framers of the US Constitution- a bunch a landed WASP men. But I don't understand why there's an apparently upper middle class white family in front of a laptop. Is that what America really looks like in 2007?

Seems like the environmental movement is still suffering from its lily white upper middle class latte sippin' volvo driving image problem.

joel birchler said...

The idea is good, but the ad design is not so good. Readers should be able to tell at a glance what it's about and why they should care. The stock photo of the family with a laptop doesn't really capture this.

Anonymous said...

Why, when today's "patriots" are so diverse, would you choose to represent us with a white family only? What a poorly conceived ad to convey a very important message.

Tzoots said...

I'm sorry, but if Senator Leiberman is for this, I have to be against it. Senator Leiberman is an anti-Democrat and I do not trust his judgement. I will not support this declaration if Leiberman is for it.

love 4 all said...

WOW! Why were three white people chosen to represent all of America's patriots, when it was originally inhabited by red people and currently hosts a vast multi-colored citizenship of patriots? It provokes suspicions about the thinking behind your work -- and your intentions -- and says volumes about your outlook. Before you get excited about your declaration, maybe you'd better do a little soul searching. And I don't mean about changing the photo, but about the thinking which prompted you to use that representation. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ad looks great, Hope they all read it on the hill!

Anonymous said...

1,-The Ad is so small it is impossible to read any of it. I tried clicking on it in several places, but it didn't enlarge it.

2.-I don't know if I signed the pledge or not.

There's no way I can fill in email addresses to have you send information to friends & relatives. I'd have to FORWARD one of your pages.


Jeri Khajeh-Noori said...

That's it? Global warming? I agree, this is a huge issue that requires immediate attention but what about ending wars of aggression, holding government accountable, restoring our constitutional liberties, providing health care for everyone?

It's a good start but it doesn't go anywhere near far enough. Patriotisn is about more than global warming; it's about insisting that our government respect and value the documents (Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence) that mandate its existence. It's about the fact that in this country there no longer exists a 'government of the people, by the people, for the people.'

Ralph & Heather said...

Everybody seems to be concerned about the consumption of energy and related by-products as the cause of global warming. What about the loss of habitat and nature, due to human over population? Stop having babies, act responsibly, and our energy usage will decline, and the habitat of nature will increase. The problem is us.



Pat said...

I have 13 grandchildren now, ages 16 to 12 month old twins so I hear about the fears these children face at different levels of maturity. It breaks my heart to hear the fears I can't do anything about, things they shouldn't have to be worrying about. Terrorism on a global level,wars and nukes from countries some of them are just learning about, our own government out of control, and people coming into their schools and killing them and yes, worrying about global warming. They are smart kids, active in their schools and community but they live with fears far beyond what they are capable of dealing with and I see the effects of these fears.
This, our speaking up, working to change things, trying to educate the hard heads that refuse to listen but have the power to do something about it, these are the things we must do on a group level. All I can do with my family is give them ideas of how to be do things in their worlds that might make them feel like they have some control. Recycling, newspaper drives, paper not plastic, those kinds of things, not much but it makes them feel a little more active and in control. Hopefully the world will get a grip on the fact this world is the one we have and it must be cared for the same way I try to care for my family. We must give them a livable planet, one their children and grandchildren can live in or what's left?
I may not be able to change the other threats to them but I can make them feel like they have some control in their worlds on this level, small though it is, it's something. They signed this earlier this month and where proud to do it, let make it mean something,

Anonymous said...

Please you Need to watch this movie! its shows what is happening to our world, what needs to be done to "fix" it! our children are the FUTURE!

Please take just a few hours of your time & educate yourselves on whats going on around you...

lets come together & make a difference in this world, what we have left of it!


Anonymous said...

Lots of conscientious, earth loving Spanish people, could we get a sister site in Spanish so I can pass that around? Gracias,

It most certainly is the Crisis of our Time. One of them anyway - there are a few others in my opinion, threatening our families and children. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS

Ivan Linares, from Recife (Brazil) said...

I agree with everything you said, but I would like to ask you to not refer to your country as "America" anymore. I am Brazilian and my country is also "America". And you have no idea of how upset we feel when you use this name meaning "only you"...

You are already the United States. This is the name your founding fathers choose for you. If you find it too long, so choose another one, any name but "America".

Why not "North America", "U.S." ou something similar? It would make your country much more likable to us Latin Americans...

RedHolly said...

This is amazing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is ther a one page list somewhere of the things a family can do daily to minimize the footprint - it woudl good to put in every room as a constant reminder

mary said...

I am making a list of relatively painless things anyone can do. Additional suggestions very welcome; I am concentrating on the easy things that do not involve a big change in lifestyle.

1. Stop using disposable plastic water bottles. Get a water filter and use it to filter water, then refill bottles.

2. Turn off the lights as you leave a room

3. Summer - Use the a/c only when necessary
4. Winter - dress warm and keep the thermostat low - you don't need to be able to wear just a t-shirt in winter
5. Use public transportation when you can. Even better walk or bicycle.
6. Minimize laundry. Many items can be worn several times before washing.
When shopping:
7. Take a bag with you when you go shopping,and decline the offer of new bags. Explain why.
8. Comment on and reject items that are over packaged to raise awareness about this issue

Anonymous said...

Has any environmental organization calculated the CO2 cost of the Iraq war so far?
Van Lewis
Panacea, Florida 32346

patriciapodd said...

God's Country

What would our founding fathers say
if they bore witness to the world today
Ashpalt where there once was green
Oil spills where there once was blue
Dead animals complete the scene
Victims of our reckless speed
Is there no end to human greed
Tract homes, strip malls, landfills
Are these the monuments we build, the legacy we leave, the worst we can achieve
'Tis not too late to shift the course and show remorse is what our Founding Fathers might say
If they bore witness to the world
today ... Patricia Podd

James Leonard Wolcott said...

It's Ironic.....Just as far back as
June 1975{J.L.W.Corp.Trust U.S.A.}

President Gerald Rudolph Ford & Vice President Nelson Aldriche Rockefeller & U.S.A. Congress
"Yayed" the "Lawfull" Re-Writting
of the 200+ year old U.S.A.
Constution & Delacration of
Independence{Your actual Rights}.

Mainly at the time ,a U.S.A. Born
Citizen{at the time} "Can become an King of an Foriegn Nation",and
did....,although it was'nt Great
Britain as wrongfully believed...?

You should allways have the Right to ............:

"Own ,Posses ,carry any hand gun
,rifle or similar Semi-Automatic
weapon with proof of certified use of such weapon"{even silenced ,and
also one does'nt normaly carry an
shotgun/rifle on thier day to day person ,lol...but....?

"Smoke ,Drink ,Personal use of Marijuana and similar ,etc. And as
an Property Owner ,Manager ,etc. to
allow one to Smoke ,Drink ,etc. in an Properly Designated area[s]...

"Drinking and Driving Laws should all be Repealed ,and all past convictions not pertaining of...., wrongful death ,injury ,damage, etc.{ie: just an simple drinking
and driving procedure}should be Vacated including on Licenses' ,
Insurance ,Bonds ,etc. "........

"Enforce the Maximum Penalties
petaining the True "Lord of Lord" commercial Laws of :James Leonard
Wolcott Corporate Trust U.S.A."

{The above word "Corporate herin defined as:"Former Corporations" &
No Shareholders ,etc. & J.L.W. as ,
"James Leonard Wolcott" Born Great
Barrington ,MA. 6/17/1959}

And many other areas ,etc........;

Cory said...

Nice but it would have been nicer to see some FEMALE and non-white faces. Environmental conservation won’t happen without everyone’s buy-in and a full representation of our world population: be it female, African, Asian, gay, etc.

Ana said...

Pearl S. Buck once wrote that the Chinese had an old saying: "An emperor stays in power as long as there was rice in the bowls of his subjects."

I am educating myself and others about the value of reestablishing local species of native plants and trees in our yards, public lands, along rivers and other bodies of water, and along roadways.
These plants have deep root systems to hold the soil and are adapted to each local climate's conditions.
Native plants provide food, cover, and nesting materials for birds and animals, act as windbreaks and help prevent erosion on hillsides.
Each year I observe a greater variety of migrating birds and insect pollinators in my yard, and I find new plants sprouting from seed left from these visitors. I also notice neighbors planting natives and together we create vibrant greenways for animals and birds to follow during migration.
I find great peace in my yard now.
For more information contact your State Conservation Commission, or Native Plant Society or Botanical Garden or Wild Ones Native Landscapers, which educates citizens and city governments about native plants.
Ana Grace
Education Coordinator
Wild Ones, St. Louis Chapter

Anonymous said...

A real simple solution is to re-use a transportation system that GM, SoCal, and a few others trashed from 1920 to 1960+: the urban trolley car and interurban. Some cities are now reintroducing them and discovering that electric trolleys revitalize the urban core. Plus, they don't use ethanol (and thus don't increase the price of beer and other products).

kay gata said...

I would very much like to convert my energy usage into 100percent solar. I realize that the cost of doing so will have numerous returns in the years to come,and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the only way to go. However, the initial costs involved is so overwhelming for someone like me, that such plans have taken a backseat for too long now (4 years, or since I've bought my home). If there are any grant or loan programs available for people like myself so that such dreams of going solar would become a reality? I know that it is something I would like to make available to others if ever I would be in a postition to do so. Afterall, it would be equally beneficial to both the donor and the recipient.

Anonymous said...

Heal all your shadows and fears. The rest is up to mother earth.



VPower said...

Anonymous said...

According to real science, we are in the ending of another ice age, one of many.

Many places on the earth are actully cooling rather than warming.

While it is true that CO2, one of the "green house" gases, is emmitted by factories, and vehicles, it is also true that CO2 is given off by natural processes the earth goes through on a daily basis.

Stop plate tectonics. Stand against the tides. Keep the winds from blowing. Belay solar flares.

The simple message is that, though men can help men, and can alter our enviroments to some degree, we are not the ones in charge.

Anonymous said...

This is a lie. All of these comments were posted on te same day? This blog is like global warming...a lie.

qweaq said...

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